Relationships On the Kitchen Event eleven Recap

Relationships On the Kitchen Event eleven Recap

  • Lu Jin’s mother fits Gu Sheng Nan.
  • Discover a party within Grass Fry Diner


Li Kid goes into the space and offer Chairwoman Zheng an improve into the Lu Jin and just why he could be residing in Suhai.

Chairwoman Zheng’s Opinion

Lu Jin’s mommy cannot believe Gu Sheng Nan is acceptable getting Lu Jin. She thinks one to Li Child is advisable having Lu jin.

However, Lu Jin does not accept his mom. Lu Jin thinks the guy and you will Li Man learn one another as well really as several. He seems he could be a exactly as co-gurus.

Chairwoman Zheng raises almost every other women that was right for Lu Jin at this point. Lu Jin have reason the guy does not such as those ladies.

Gu Sheng Nan is extremely amazed whenever Lu Jin requires their to generally meet Chairwoman Zheng. Gu Sheng Nan provides Lu Jin a difficult time in the conference his mommy.

The Fulfilling

When Xu Zhaodi and Gao Quan An learn about Gu Sheng Nan fulfilling Lu Jin’s mother, he’s computed to simply help her generate a good impression.

They supply Gu Sheng Nan advice on keeping the girl composure, remaining her sound down, rather than giving an answer to concerns otherwise comments which might be designed to embarrass the woman.

Throughout the Xu Zhaodi and you may Gao Quan An’s classes we discover away one to Lu Jin try 36 and you will Gu Sheng Nan is actually 21. So they really was 15 years aside!!

When Lu Jin accumulates Gu Sheng Nan for the head to along with his mother, Gu Sheng Nan is actually clothed way more maturely than usual. This catches Lu Jin off guard.

During the Lu Jin’s family, Chairwoman Zheng requires Gu Sheng Nan a series of concerns. The Gu Sheng Nan’s responses make Lu Jin cough inside astonishment.

While Lu Jin is fully gone, Chairwoman Zheng offers to shell out Gu Sheng Nan to go out of the lady man. Gu Sheng Nan reacts of the politely excusing herself and you can leaves.

Gu Sheng Nan teases Lu Jin on the getting funds from his mom to break up with him. Lu Jin will not consider it’s comedy.

Preparing Race

So it section shows of numerous shots from preparing. it shows Director Shen, Cheng Ziqian and you may Li Mann sampling multiple items.

The fresh Bauhinia Resort kitchen crew is having a rival to see that will create getting Chairwoman Zheng whenever she comes to visit the hotel.

Cook Wang says to Gu Sheng Nan that in case the guy gains, he’s going to get his unique lady on vacation within the world.

Li Man seems particularly unwilling to vote on the greatest cook, in the finish Gu Sheng Nan gains brand new nomination to help you prepare to have Chairwoman Zheng.

Your kitchen teams mention exactly how Gu Sheng Nan has support from Lu Jin. It’s no surprise she acquired the competition.

Celebration at the Turf Fry Diner

Family and you may natives gathered in the Lawn Fry Diner so you can commemorate Gu Sheng Nan’s success. Lu Jin awkwardly lies alone amidst the adventure. He was beneath the effect which he would-be alone having Gu Sheng Nan.

Grandfather Gu produces several notices towards the cluster. He lets the new visitors know that Gu Sheng Nan is actually a profitable cook. The guy introduces Gu Sheng Nan’s employer, Lu Jin, with the group.

Lu Jin awkwardly stacks up. A number of the website visitors during the party tease on Lu Jin and you can Gu Sheng Nan wondering its matchmaking. Are they actually just a supervisor and you may under?

After the statement, Gu Sheng Nan tries to provide Lu Jin attention, however, this lady grandfather ushers this lady away to meet with other subscribers.

Grandfather Gu requires the chance to talk to Lu Jin. Lu Jin appears to be relieved when Grandpa Gu is called away to get ready.

There is a lot out-of teasing and you will lazy chatter at this affair. Lu Jin is unable to refrain they.


The brand new occurrence stop is actually anticlimactic. This new occurrence ends up with Lu Jin checking awkward up to Gu Sheng Nan’s family and friends. I happened to be hoping some thing more critical perform occurs.

Which episode was still a, yet not, since it encountered the memorable appointment ranging from Gu Sheng Nan and Lu Jin’s mother.

I ask yourself what other trouble Chairwomen Zheng can cause getting Lu Jin and Gu Sheng Nan? Do you have any predictions?

As well as do you catch Grandpa Gu talking-to Lu Jin regarding their your retirement? Do you think he was looking to inquire Lu Jin for money?

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