The premium membership also gives you access to live sex cams

The premium membership also gives you access to live sex cams

If you’re not in the mood to chat, then these cams, as well as other features like member videos uploads will keep your entertained until you meet up with someone in real life.

It’s hard to bash this dating site, but looking at it from a different angle it’s easy to see that its features aren’t very unique or uncommon. Most social media apps have these same features plus more. I know it’s just a MILF dating site, but I still feel like I should be getting a little more functionality from a site that charges me almost $30 per month.

Milfaholic Pricing Details

The membership fees are in line for what’d you expect with a site like Milfaholic. If you’re not sure if you want to invest your hard-earned money into a website as sketchy as this one, you can pay $8.90 for a 3-day trial. Testing the waters on a dating site is never a bad idea, but taking the full plunge is way more fun.

A one-month membership is going to cost you $ and it renews every month until you cancel it. You have to be careful here because it’s easy to forget you’re signed up for 5 different adult dating sites and end up draining your checking account.

If you’re committed to finding the perfect MILF for you, there are some other payment options. You can save a little money with the two-month subscription and only pay $. There’s also an option to pay $ for a three-month subscription. I found it odd that there was no option for a one-year subscription, but it must be because the creators of Milfaholic are just that confident that you’ll meet someone.

Finding someone who likes making love at midnight isn’t too difficult if you’ve got the paid membership. You still have to chat up older ladies in just the right way, but it’s simple to connect with matches and get that conversation rolling. You don’t get the full functionality as a free member.

I found that the best way to get these women to chat you up is by asking them about themselves. Everyone loves talking about themselves so you really can’t go wrong there. Let them know you’re interested in whatever they’re interested in. If she doesn’t reply, just keep your chin up and start thinking about what you want to send your next match. With the number of women on this site, the reply rate is quite high, and you’ll get laid if you keep at it.

Pros of Milfaholic

If you think every girl on Milfaholic is legit, you’d be wrong. There are some fake profiles. However, most of the women are actually real. I know this because I’ve had multiple conversations with gorgeous older women, even one with my old math professor. She’s a smoke show for sure, and she knows it. It’s pretty easy to tell when a profile is real.

I have to give Milfaholic points for somehow attracting so many cuties to their site. I guess hot moms are just as eager to meet horny young men as horny young men are to meet them. Impotent husbands probably. Maybe menopause. The women on this site are mostly at least 35 years old, and the most popular age seems to be around 40-45.

The news feed system is great. It’s a breeze to scroll through your friends’ posts with the site’s simple timeline design. There were more than a few times where I caught myself getting lost in the rabbit hole that is Milfaholic. This along with the other features like cams make it all too easy.

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